1515 N. Norwood Blvd.

Peoria, Illinois 61604


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Beginning at 7:00pm.


Meeting called William Roberson - President, 7:00pm.


Pledge recited.


Attorney Josh Herman was present for this meeting.


ROLL CALL: William Roberson, Brent Modglin, Russ Trantina, Kenny Pierce, Kelly Rendleman and

Mary Melaga. Quorum was met.


GUESTS: Keith Baughman (Baughman Financial Services, Inc.), Shawna Rogy, Ray Long, and

Daniel Massey.





With concern about the ongoing low interest on C.D.'s, Mr. Keith Baughman of Baughman Financial Services, Inc. attended this meeting to advise the Board how to make better interest for the Villages assets. The Board made it clear that they did not want to risk any current assets (example - C.D.'s, annuities, etc.); they want guaranteed interest only. Mr. Baughman will check on minimum time an asset must be tied up and present more information soon.


Mrs. Shawna Rogy attended the meeting to ask the Board if there is any possibility to vacating the ally behind her house. She would like to have at least a "10' x 150'" portion of the current ally (between 6600 block of Jones Rd. &

6600 block of Lamoine Ave.).


The Attorney stated the following:


After completion of receiving this information, a hearing would be held after a 15-day notice to allow anyone to speak at the hearing. The Board would consider the comments made concerning this ally.


Mr. Daniel Massey also would like a part of the easement (between 6700 block of Jones Rd. & 6700 block of Lamoine Ave.) to access his driveway which is currently located in the easement. He was told to follow the same format: present a legal description of the requested ground and get an appraisal of the easement also.







MINUTES - July 5, 2016. A motion was made to approve - Kenneth Pierce, second - Kelly Rendleman..

Motion was approved with 5 yeas and 1 abstain.



Minutes of September 6, 2016

Page Two


August 2, 2016. A motion was made to approve - Kelly Rendleman, second - Russ Trantina.

Motion was approved with 5 yeas and 1 abstain.


CLOSED SESSION MINUTES - July 5, 2016. A motion was made to approve - Mary Melaga, second - Kenneth

Pierce. Motion was approved with 5 yeas and 1 abstain.


BILLS APPROVED - Motion to approve - Russ Trantina, second - Mary Melaga. With a roll call vote, all

TO BE PAID verbally approved with 6 yeas.


CD #25377 (General) & CD #25376 (MFT) - ACTION TAKEN. These CD's were automatically rolled over.





RE: 1521 N. Boyd Ave. Mr. Roberson reported that the back of the property is all cleaned up. Matter resolved.


A complaint was received concerning garbage pickup by Wigand's/PDC on Aug. 11 & 18 appx. 12:30pm - 2pm.

Their pickup time is in violation of the ordinance - Title 3, Chapter 6 (Garbage Collection). Mr. Modglin will send a letter to Wigand's/PDC of their violation to hours of operation.


Concerning the trash strewn at the ballpark, it was recommended to contact the County Jail to inquire about a work release program that would provide inmates to clean up the grounds. The Clerk will do so.





Mr. Trantina (Chair) announced there will be a committee meeting on August 20 to discuss financial matters.




A motion was made to go into Executive Session for the purpose of pending litigation and return to open meeting when completed - Kelly Rendleman, second - Mary Melaga. All verbally approved with 6 yeas.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.


Meeting reconvened at 8: 30 pm.


With nothing further to discuss, a motion was made to adjourn this meeting - Kenny Pierce, second - Kelly Rendleman. All verbally approved with 6 yeas.


Meeting adjourned at 8:32pm.



Respectfully submitted,




Carolyn L. Fascian

Village Clerk